Management Accounting (Oxford Higher Education)

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Management Accounting is a comprehensive textbook specially designed to meet the needs of management students. It explores core concepts of management accounting through managerial applications and supplements them through numerous solved problems and case studies. Beginning with an overview to management accounting, the book acquaints the readers with the various cost concepts. It explains elements of cost like material costing, labour costing, direct expenses and overheads. It discusses the determination of cost through unit costing, job and batch costing, operating costing, contract costing and process costing. The book then discusses planning, control and decision making and management applications. The book also covers advanced topics like learning curve, target costing, capacity management, kaizen costing, quality costing, activity based costing, throughput back flush costing, etc. Users will find this book highly useful for its in-depth coverage of the key concepts of management accounting and also as a guide to make informed and systematic business decisions.


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