Handbook of Computer Fundamentals

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About Book

The complete spectrum of computer fundamentals starting from historical evolution of computers to its successful usage among common men. Another important dimension of the book includes its opening from general concept of data communication to the extent of internet & usage. The book also attempts to highlight the societal impacts of the computer technology. The language used in the book is lucid, is easy to understand, and facilitates easy grasping of concepts.

About Author

Dr. Nasib Singh Gill is a high profile and an acknowledge teacher. Dr. Gill obtained his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science in March 1996 under the supervision of a very renowned and an eminent Computer Scientist, Pro-Head, Department of Computer Science & Applications, M.D. University, Rohatak. He is working in Department of Computer Science & Applications, M.D. University, Rohtak since its inception in Feb. 1990. Presently, he is working as Senior Faculty in the department and has more than 10.5 years of teaching experience. His area of research is ‘Software Metrics’, a sub-area of ‘Software engineering’ discipline and presently he is orienting himself in the area of ‘Information Technology’

Table of Content

1: Historical Evolution of Data processing and Cpmputing
2: Computers and their Classification
3: Number Systems and their Interconversions
4: Computer Codes and Their Types
5: Input and Output devices
6: Memory and Mass Storage Devices
7: Software and Operating System Concepts
8: Programming languages nad Program development
9: Data Communication and Related Concepts
10: Computer Networks and Internet
11: Computer Applications.


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