Fundamentals of Financial Management

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Chandra: Fundamentals of Financial Management discusses the fundamental principles and techniques of financial management. This book seeks to show how a wide range of financial decision situations should be analysed. It aptly illustrates the various concepts, tools and techniques of financial management with the help of suitable examples.

Book Features :

  • Coverage on important new sections such as Securitisation, Cost of Retained Earnings and Cost of External Equity
  • New chapter on Risk Management which presents how financial management evolves in response to changes in the financial environment
  • Four chapters completely revised keeping in view the changes that have taken place in the Pro forma of Balance Sheet & Statement of Profit and Loss Account
  • Companion website which provides Instructors exclusive access to PowerPoint presentations, solutions manual, solutions for additional problems, quiz bank and quiz key

Table of Contents:

Part I : Overview And Financial Environment

  • Financial Management: An Overview
  • The Financial System

Part II : Financial Analysis And Planning

  • Financial Statements, Taxes and Cash Flow
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Funds Flow Analysis
  • Break-Even Analysis and Leverages
  • Financial Planning and Forecasting

Part III : Fundamental Valuation Concepts

  • Time Value of Money
  • Valuation of Securities
  • Risk and Return

Part IV: Capital Budgeting

  • Techniques of Capital Budgeting
  • Project Cash Flows
  • Risk Analysis in Capital Budgeting
  • The Cost Of Capital

Part V : Capital Structure And Dividend Polices

  • Capital Structure and Cost of Capital
  • Planning the Capital Structure
  • Dividend Policy and Share Valuation
  • Dividend Policy: Practical Aspects

Part VI : Long-Term Financing

  • Sources of Long-Term Finance
  • Raising Long-Term Finance
  • Securities Market

Part VII : Working Capital Management

  • Working Capital Policy
  • Cash Management
  • Credit Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Working Capital Financing

Part VIII : Special Topics

  • Leasing, Hire Purchase and Project Finance
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Restructuring
  • International Financial Management
  • Risk Management: Introduction to Financial Engineering


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