Advertising & Marketing in Rural India

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Economic liberalisation, globalisation and growing economic power have led to the development of rural India in the past two decades. This book explores the various facets of rural media and integrated marketing communication. In order to meet the formidable challenges of reaching 638,365 villages, Indian advertisers have mastered the art of the video-van form/technology and the art of crafting messages customised to meet rural tastes and sensibilities. The revised edition follows a ‘bottom-up’ approach and presents case studies of rural markets (h?ts), advertising media discourse and unique features of Indian rural advertising. Facts, figures, tables and analyses have been updated and new developments and approaches to the study of advertising and marketing have been added. Both ‘conventional’ and ‘non-conventional’ media forms are accounted for in order to provide a holistic and systematic perspective on rural advertising and marketing media. Interviews with rural consumers and m About The Author: Tej K. Bhatia is Professor in Linguistics and Cognitive Sciences Programs at Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York. He is the recipient of the Chancellor’s Citation Award for ‘exceptional academic achievement’. For a number of years, he served as the Director of the Linguistic Studies Program and the Acting Director of Cognitive Sciences Program at Syracuse University. He has written a number of books including Handbook of Bilingualism (2004; 2006), Handbook of Child Language Acquisition (1999) and Handbook of Second Language Acquisition (1996) in the co-authorship of William C. Ritchie. He has been consultant to several academic, administrative, and business organisations including US Department of Education. Table of Contents ? Introduction ? Environment of Rural Marketing and Advertising in India ? Language, Communication, and Conventional Media ? Non-Conventional Media ? Advertising Communication and Language ? The Making of a Rural Advertisement ? Wall Adv


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